My Review: Real Meal Revolution

It’s very difficult to review a work you have been a part of, but as I’m not the only author here, I am delighted to have worked with 3 amazing men and the fabulous Quivertree Publishers on what I believe is a life-changing book.  Let me give you my very biased review!

Firstly, it has been awesome working with these three men – all of whom have made the experience a memorable one.  We are 4 very different people, who collaborated on a subject we are all extremely passionate about.  Prof Tim Noakes needs no introduction as the maverick heavyweight among us.  He has made news in this country and around the world for decades, but I suspect none so much as the past few years with his challenge of the conventional wisdom around diabetes, weight loss, fat, heart disease, cholesterol etc.  An already established author and greatly decorated man for his achievements in many areas – it’s been an honour and a privilege to work with him.  You will love his easy style of writing, and the great information he shares in this book, bringing us solid science.

Jonno Proudfoot – whose vision this book was to start with – has amazed me from day 1 by his passion to get this book out – and he has done so with lightning speed.  He has been the anchor and the one who has cheered us on, held us together and produced amazing recipes in seemingly no time at all.  Wait till you see the unbelievably tasty meals he has turned out – developing recipes that are truly world class.  The cooking was all done by Jonno, and styled superbly by Caro – and photographed by the incredible Craig Fraser of Quivertree.  Jonno is not only an accomplished chef and TV personality, but an extreme athlete of note.  He will be swimming from Mozambique to Madagascar early next year to earn funds for Miles for Smiles – a charity we have all embraced in this team, to get these children operated on, and provide them with a normal face.  It’s a wonderful, noble cause, and anyone who would like to donate would be welcome to do so.  We need all the money we can get to help these children.

David Grier amazes me with his energy for running all over the world for charity (presently running across Cuba!) – and his unbridled appetite for athletic activities.  He has run the Great Wall of China and seemingly all over the place (see write up), he is an accomplished chef too, as his recipes will show in this book.  He has a real desire to help children who have been born with cleft palates, to provide them with a way to have an operation.  This book will help many children achieve that.  He is an author of several other books on his adventures too – and you can find that on his website.

And then there is me.  I also worked on this book, and hopefully my contribution will be valuable.  I do hope you will find this a book for life, and one which will not date nor be irrelevant at any time in the future.  The information is sound, the recipes mouth-watering and creative – but in all this book is a handbook for anyone wanting to get healthy, lose weight or maintain weight, and is perfect for everyone from children to athletes to diabetics.  The book has so far broken ALL RECORDS in this country for book sales.  A new reprint being ordered (after the publishers ran their biggest ever print run) in under 3 weeks, and getting to best-seller status in under 3 days!!  This is a must-have book!

If you follow the information and use the recipes in this book, I believe you will improve your health and find all those things you were told were bad for you – are actually good for you!  We’ve been lied to for too long – it’s time to start a revolution!!!

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Many a revolution started with the actions of a few.  Only 56 men signed the Declaration of Independence.  A few hanging together can lead a nation to change Wynton Marsalis

That’s our goal – changing the WORLD – one meal at a time!!