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Short Nutrition Courses

Steel bolts and nuts on white background close-upHealth e-Nuts & Bolts No Sweat Online Course

In response to the demand to present a simple course on nutrition demystified, I’ve finally buckled after all these years, and that’s how this course was ‘born’. In a nutshell it’s all about practical guidelines for healthy living from a sound nutritional standpoint. It’s informal, it’s simple, it’s fun – and you’ll learn all about how to be healthy – no sweat.

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The Academy of Health & Nutrition as the sole African facilitator, offers 2 world-class Australian courses. The courses offered include:


International Diploma in Clinical Nutrition

Although this is a fully correspondence course, it can be done full time in under 6 months or 12-24 months part-time study

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International Diploma of Nutritional Products information

6-12 weeks part-time study

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Extensions will be considered in both cases.
Both courses are fully correspondence with all that is required, and contain comprehensive CD’s, textbooks, course notes and assignment topics. These courses can be started at any time of year and Diplomas are issued in December and June.

Sally-Ann Creed’s Personal Recommendation
These courses outstrip other courses available on the market in this country today, as they have been written by a Professor of Biochemistry, and studied by many thousands of people all over the world. They come highly recommended by Sally-Ann Creed, who herself some years ago obtained a Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Nutrition from this International Academy. No fads are entertained – it’s all good, sound nutrition!

Disclaimer: these courses & all information contained therein, do not purport to treat, cure or prevent any illness, and information should not be used in place of the advice of a qualified health care professional. These courses like all others offered in South Africa are for information only.