If you would like to improve your health and nutritional status, here’s how I can help you. By considering one these options below, you are taking an important step in the right direction in getting your health back. Please read the following well.

I get a vast amount of letters requesting my help every single day and though I would love to help each and every person, due to time constraints I have had to stop doing this free of charge, as it takes an enormous amount of time and often extensive research to help you in a responsible manner, and to the best of my ability. Many people write asking me for my opinion on a product, diet, book, eating plan doing the rounds or topical subject – this all takes time to reply to. So I have developed a system which I hope you will find helpful.

I’m very happy to offer you one of FOUR different options below – here’s how they work:

Option 1: You may wish to send me an email asking me one simple, straight-forward question relating to your health or supplementation, my personal opinion or something else which will require just a short paragraph in reply, and I shall answer you within a few days.   This system works very well for basic questions which can be handled without sending a detailed report. Very often this is all that is all you require. This service is a once-off email, and will cost R200.00. If more than one email is needed, I would recommend Option 2 below.

Option 2: You may choose an in-depth Health Evaluation where I will send you a personalised report within 14 days after full assessment (all done via email). This option is R1400.00. Email follow up is offered to chart your progress. Option 2 is also good for finding out which nutrients you are lacking, and to obtain a basic understanding of your nutritional status. It could even be helpful in finding out how to remain in an excellent state of health if you are already there. This is also the option if you want my detailed opinion of anything. I’m often asked to comment on what I think of a new trend, a product or a substance.

Option 3: The third option is the same as Option 2 above, but with follow-up for the period of 3 months following the report in order to offer on-going health support during this time. The cost of this package is R3000.00. Because the body generally takes roughly 3 months to change and respond this option is especially recommended for chronic illness and long-standing health problems.

Option 4: Family Option. This is for families of up to FOUR people on the Option 2 system, who stay in the same house (ie Mother, father and two children). It’s a fact that a family who undertake to address their health status together have the most success in bringing about lasting change for the whole family. This package will also include some other perks and special offers to the family concerned. The cost of this package is R5300.00 (a saving of R200.00).

If you would like to take the in-depth online health assessment and receive a full report with Lifestyle, Food & Nutritional Supplement suggestions plus information on your condition – please contact us on pa@sallyanncreed.co.za to find out how to go about it, and to receive your application form and begin the programme. All information will always be treated as confidential, and your email address will never be sold or given to anyone else for any reason whatsoever at any time. I will send you a personalised report within 2 weeks of the date I receive your assessment.

Disclaimer: No information provided is to be construed as a substitute for professional medical advice. All serious disease must be diagnosed and treated by a qualified medical practitioner. Please do NOT stop any medication without your doctor’s consent. These recommendations are for information only, and are not intended to diagnose, heal, cure or treat any condition. Nutritional suggestions are intended merely to support the body and strengthen the immune system – God does the rest and I believe Him to be the only Healer.

Download the e-evaluation form here >
I look forward to hearing from you!

Sally-Ann Creed, Integrative Nutritional Therapist
(Post Grad Dip Clinical Nutrition, International Academy of Nutrition, Sydney, Australia)