This is from Mr SW:

Hi Sally-Ann, I must say that I have not been feeling this good for many years. Stomach is much better so I am back exercising again. The mind and body are now feeling energized. The Probiotics are helping a lot and I am happy to stay on these. I have lost about 4kg so far without exercise so might lose a few more in the weeks to come. The food side of things is going very well. Always coming up with new recipes. So following the correct foods is not a problem. Thanks very much. SW


Insulin Drops, 6kg down!

CW has struggled with her weight and numerous serious problems for a long time – so she attended one of the LCHF breakfasts I did recently, and then came to see me privately. Today she reported her insulin has dropped from nearly 22 to under 10, and her blood sugar is dramatically down (serious pre-diabetic state) – plus she’s lost 6kg – all in just a couple of weeks on LCHF. I’m so proud of her!


PH has this to say:
Dear Sally-Ann – We started this wonderful way of eating from the moment I got home after your enlightening breakfast. I have lost 4kg and my husband has lost 5kg. The best is I have lost 5cm round my ‘wheat belly!’
We both feel so good on this diet, and are off to Cape Point with friends this weekend, all of whom are trying this diet. So we have packed the fatty cuts, the cream, eggs, bacon, and your wonderful almond orange cake! Warm regards PH


I have my energy back!

Hi Sally-Ann

Once again a big thank you for giving me the guidance to change my life. Things have improved so drastically for me in these past 3 months that I battle to even comprehend how I ever got through life before. I have energy again.  The weight is falling off me from week to week, I am never sick, my skin is glowing, I am so motivated and so happy. I am a completely different person. I even find that I have double the time I used to have in the day because I no longer have afternoon naps-ever!!! It really is a miracle.

With all of these positive changes happening in my body, it has made me so aware of what I put into my body because I have seen first-hand, how detrimental artificial ingredients can be to my health. It changes the quality of my life. Even if I decide to have some gluten free carbs on the odd occasion, I feel it immediately the next day, by feeling more fatigued then normal- but at least my body is talking to me. Thanks so much!!!!

Words cannot even describe the drastic changes that have been occurring within me and within my life because of this new lifestyle, and I cannot thank you enough.

Kind regards, KH


Sally-Ann’s diet helps

I just wanted to let Sally-Ann know how well I am feeling on the new diet that she gave me for my Ulcerative Colitis, I am still off the steroids and feeling great! 



I’ve lost 1.5kg since my appointment!

Since my appointment with Sally-Ann I have lost 1.5kg – and it has been soooo easy!  I have ‘fallen off the Paleo wagon’ a few times but not with anything serious and am also feeling so much better!



LCHF Works!

I have been following the HFLC eating plan for almost 10 days now and have noted in the last day or two that apart from being less hungry and more energetic, my brain is so much sharper, I am on fire in discussion with colleagues, really able to articulate myself well and am able to focus and enjoy my work to a degree that I did not think was possible. Although I have always performed very well academically and in workplace, concentration and focus is always something with which I have struggled so this is such a gift! Is this a normal response to this change in diet?



I’ve lost 23lbs!

Hi, Sally!! I don’t know if you remember me, but I want you to know you have changed my life!!! Since you were here in Boston USA, I have made so many changes in my eating habits, too many to describe here, but I have gone from 90% unhealthy to 90% healthy eating. I’ve lost 23 lbs…working on exercising more. Thank you so much for inspiring me…hope you can come back to our church sometime. We speak of you often…you touched a lot of lives!!!

God Bless You!!

Bernie Pina, USA


Wonderful experience at the Last Word

Hi Sally-Ann, thanks so much for the wonderful experience I had at the beautiful breakfast at the Last Word. I have been on this journey for 55 years now and God is faithful and so patient, little by little He is changing me and He’s is definitely using you to get me there. You were so enlightening with your presentation and so wonderful to be a part of what God is doing in your life. Being me, I had to finish off all the goodies I had in stock, drink the last glass of wine (for awhile) and start on Monday. So far, I am feeling better every day and know that this is the way for me to go and a big plus – no more Gaviscon in the middle of the night. May He continue to bless you as you use your knowledge and gift to inspire others to live more healthily.

Lots of love and thanks, Mary-Ann B


Your appointment changed my family’s diet

My appointment with you last month has had a very positive effect on our whole family’s diet. CT has cut sugar out completely! I attended to your breakfast talk at The Last Word, with 2 friends – we thoroughly enjoyed receiving your advice and information that would set us on the correct eating path that would improve our future health. I look forward to your Newsletters and also your new book release in November.

Kind thanks for everything. Barbara T


You’ve changed my life!

I came to you very ill with chronic bronchitis in 1999 and you changed my life! I continue to practice what you taught me although no longer quite as strictly, and I continue to be healthier as a result… and to sing your praises.

Thank you very much. Penny K


Thank you for the inspiring newsletters

I have just been reading your latest newsletter I get from you each month. Been following you for years. Thank you for your informative, interesting, inspiring & keeping us healthy newsletters. I have collected mine for years.

SM, Gauteng


It feels so wonderful to be well again

Dear Sally-Ann, I can’t you how grateful I am that God made a way for me to come to you. At first I was so negative and upset, as the diet was so contrary to what I had been advised previously, and been told not to eat my favourite food, fruit and no carbs was at first too much! I then realized that God sent me to you for a reason. I am so amazed as to how well I am feeling, I really didn’t grasp how unwell I was. Sally-Ann, may God truly bless you. I can’t tell you how wonderful it feels to be well again after such a long period of time when I didn’t realize how bad I was feeling.

Kindest regards, CR, Cape Town


Thank you for sharing your knowledge

I just wanted to thank you all for a wonderfully informative talk and breakfast that we all enjoyed yesterday at that beautiful venue. Indeed that breakfast was scrumptious and certainly different from what we are all used to! All that food and we didn’t even feel full – just very comfortable! It is fascinating to think that we need to eat fat to get slim!!! And all we need to do Sally-Ann is to look at you and what a marvellous example you are of this diet! You are amazingly slim! You truly “walk your talk” and thank you so much for sharing all your knowledge with us.

GM, Cape Town


Green Juice (May 2013)

I thought it would be good to report to you what has happened since I saw you:

I have been pain-free from the diverticulitis from a few days after seeing you and stopping the large volume of fruit juice. I still have a little fruit, but am mindful of its dangers and keep the level low. I also managed to get a copy of Dr Lustig’s book and am finding it really useful – for me and for my pupils!

  1. I started on the “green juice” and have had a remarkable rise in my energy levels as well as just feeling a whole lot more “alive”!
  2. We have one particular pupil who is our bright star who gets flu a lot. I suggested giving him some of the green juice daily, together with Vitamin C – well, my goodness gracious me…!!!!! He is jumping off the ceiling and smiling all the time, after just a week!
  3. Several teachers saw what it had done for him, and so I have been bringing juice every day for several days, and they all say that it has improved their stamina incredibly! So this seems to be a really miraculous substance – can’t we get the Health Department to issue some to each patient as a matter of course?

Thank you once again for making such a quantum improvement in my health!

With warm regards and all good wishes, Barbara


Relief from Pain (September 2012)

Dear Sally-Ann – I must tell you my testimony! I was diagnosed (MRI) with AS sclerosis & osteophytes of L4-L5-S1 discs; Grade 1 degenerative anterolisthesis resulting in right leg pain & pins & needles, I applied Renewed Balance onto my spine – where the pain came from – and after 2 months I am much better! The Neurologist says that in 3 months (in total) I should be healed – otherwise an operation would be the next step. (I don’t want that!)
Thank you, Sally-Ann, for all your on-going considerations.  Sincerely, Anwyn

To buy Renewed Balance, please contact us at or phone us on (021) 794-3052 – we post or courier anywhere!


Recovery (July 2012)

Hi Sally-Ann – It has been quite some time since I was last in contact with you, but I wanted to let you know how I am getting on. A year ago, as you know, I was severely ill, virtually bedbound and sometimes too weak to raise my head…I am thrilled to say I am now literally a different person! I am still needing a lot of rest and careful pacing, and there is still a way to go, but each day I am stronger and able to do a little more. I am so full of gratitude for the blessing of getting my life slowly back again!

It has been an incredible spiritual, physical and emotional journey, and I have learnt so much about the world of complementary health and nutrition and how balance can be restored to even the most wobbly of systems. I want to thank you SO MUCH for all your valuable advice which has contributed so to my journey towards wellness and for not giving up on my difficult case. You are truly a blessing!

I am now back in South Africa, and my husband and I are so looking forward to starting life over here together and feel so blessed to have a real, hopeful future back! God bless you for the light you are able to share in this world…

Best wishes,
Jessica H

Underarm Lumps Disappear

Simonne came to me a few weeks ago with recurring lumps under her arms which had had to be cut out in the past, as well as being on courses of antibiotics. Here is an unsolicited letter from her mum, Bea:

“Just like to give you some feedback on my daughter, Simonne’s underarm – all 4 lumps have disappeared!!!!!! It’s like a miracle. We are so impressed. Please say thank you to Sally from us. We keep wondering what it is that did the trick, the special spray, the special deodorant, the supplements, the diet, or a good combination of all. We will keep you informed and hope that the lumps stay away.

Thanking you kindly, Bea Walker


Digestive Issues Resolved

A while ago (about 3-4 months) Maureen wrote to me as follows:

I had a duodenal ulcer start up 15 years ago due to taking a NSAID, but it was healed through eating the right foods & hasn’t bothered me anymore up until a short while ago when, through my own fault, it opened up again because of an extended time of prayer & fasting. It improved again through watching my diet but along with the ulcer pain I experienced such chronic indigestion & as the ulcer improved the indigestion got worse. My food feels as though it sits at the bottom of my throat for hours & doesn’t go down. I would be so grateful if you would advise me. Thank you for the wonderful help your books have been”

Just recently, I received this reply:

“Thank you so much for all the help you gave me at the end of last year with the digestive problems I was experiencing. You will be pleased to know that your diagnosis of too little stomach acid due to antacids must have been correct because I am thrilled to tell you that I am now able to eat without any distressing problems at all. I have now stopped taking the Betaine HCL and only have one Digestive Enzyme with my main meal. So Praise the Lord, that all seems to be functioning well now and thank you again for guiding me onto the correct course of action to take. You’ll also be pleased to hear that my diet still consists mainly of foods from the “Foods to Include” list you gave me.

Thanks again for all that you have done for me I am feeling well, enjoying life, coping with being a pastor’s wife once again, have my appetite back and am 10kgs lighter that before & weigh in at 52kgs which is probably the correct weight for my height of 5′ 3″.

May the Lord richly bless you for all that you do for others.” Maureen U, Durban – 16 April 2012


Hi Sally-Ann, I am writing to thank you for giving me a cure for my gout which has persisted for 3 months non-stop. I had been taking anti-inflammatories for two months solid, and had been to 2 different doctors and had injections, but to no avail. After being in pain with no relief and sleep for so long, it starts to effect one mentally. I can’t thank you enough for your help, which I read in one of your books. I am able to walk normally again! Thank you – Blake


I get literally thousands of letters from people all the time, here’s one from D.Rogers who wrote to me.  After a reply to her, she wrote back as follows:

Dear Sally-Ann – Thank you so much for your response and your advice regarding the use of specific vitamins to improve my bone density.  It would mean a lot to me if you could post my letter on your website, as I am eager to spread the message as far as possible.  If my experience with Fosamax could prevent someone else from suffering the same fate as me, I’ll be extremely happy.  D Rogers


Herewith D’s original letter:
I read the article “Fosamax – not all it’s cracked up to be!” in one of your newsletters.  I was on Fosamax and later Fosavance for twelve years. My gynaecologist prescribed the drug to improve my bone density in order to prevent osteoporosis. Over the past twelve years my bone density indeed improved a lot. On the 28th of February last year I tripped in the parking garage at work and fractured my left femur. The orthopaedic surgeon at Milpark Hospital treated it as an unfortunate accident and inserted a pin in the femur. I was on sick leave for three months and it took about four more months to be totally mobile again.  In December 2008 I read the above article that Fosamax was linked to unusual femur fractures. I did some research on the internet and was appalled about the fact that Fosamax was indeed the cause of femur fractures. I immediately stopped taking the drug.

It was unfortunately too late for me because on the 7th March this year I stepped on an uneven path and my right femur just snapped. I didn’t even fall – only held on to a wall. Another operation and a complete bone scan followed. The scan revealed hot spots on various bones in my body. A bone biopsy was done, which thankfully revealed no malignancy. I was then referred to specialist physician, who said that I was a text book case of the side effects of Fosamax. The drug changed the bone structure. He also said that I shouldn’t have been on Fosamax for twelve years and that he would only treat me once the bone has healed completely.  I was on sick leave again for three months. The cost implications are tremendous: Around R70 000 for the medication over 12 years. The medical cost just for the right femur is nearing R90 000 and is still ongoing. Not to mention the trauma, pain and the six months not being able to work. I feel very strongly that the Pharmaceutical Company should warn doctors to monitor patients on Fosamax and not to prescribe it for such a long time.  They should also put a warning on the insert information of the drug even though only a very small percentage of users suffer from these side effects.

Apparently they can only do so when quite a number of cases are recorded.  In Europe there are warnings on the insert information of the drug (so they told me). In the USA legal firms are inviting patients to come forward with their complaints.  I feel that patients out there should be warned about the possible side effects of Fosamax so that they can make an informed decision whether they should use this drug or not. Had I known about this side effect, I would certainly not have used it for such a long time. There are other options.  I have always been a very active person, but will now have to change my lifestyle. I certainly hope that my story would prevent other persons using Fosamax, Fosavance or the generics to suffer from the same fate.

Thank you for the article it helped me to empower myself.  Kind regards, D. Rogers


Pregnancy Testimony

I’ve wanted to contact you to share our exciting news with you! We found out 3 weeks ago that I am pregnant! It has been my aim all along to get my body healthier and stronger so that when such time comes I am in a better state of well-being. I can honestly say that having been to see you in January was a life-changing experience & I have watched and monitored my progress over the last 9 months. I really believe that having lost 12kg’s, being fitter & sticking to eating food that is good for my body has made the world of difference & I owe a lot of that to your advice and suggestions. Thank you so much for that and also for being available for the Lord to use you as He does in the lives of so many!  We didn’t battle for me to fall pregnant at all and in fact after going for my blood tests the results have been very positive. My hormone levels are very high, which my doctor has said is either due to the fact that I may be further along in the pregnancy than suspected, that the baby that is growing is very strong & healthy, OR that it’s twins!!

Thank you so much again for your follow-up help & for your interest in every person you meet. God bless you!  CW, Cape Town


Testimony from the Mum of an ADHD child

I came to see you regarding my daughter “J” about a month ago. I cannot tell you what a difference there has been in her since taking the supplements you recommended. She has found an appetite that I have trouble keeping up with she sleeps so much better her mood is much more pleasant.  She is doing even better at school the staff have all commented on how she pays attention in class and is more alert. She has a check up with her doctor in May and I want to thumb my nose at him.  He wanted to put her on Ritalin for ADHD I can now say with conviction ‘No thank you very much we have found an alternative to that nonsense’. So far she has had no problems with sinus but time will tell with that. Thank you so much for the help also regarding her diet I took everything you said and put it into practise that very day and we have had great results no more sugar highs and lows she is really like a different child.

Thank you again for giving J back her health and appetite. (Mrs CF, Cape Town)


Hernia and acid reflux

Having written in a previous newsletter about GERD or gastric reflux, many people wrote in to say how helpful the ‘formula’ was.  One in particular grabbed my attention, as the gentleman concerned had a very serious problem, and is 80 years old.  He has had quite a dramatic turn-around, stopping his drugs and finding relief.  Thank you Mrs F for sending this in – it’s always so encouraging to read these reports.

“Dear Sally-Ann – Thank you for your previous advice regarding raw ginger root for acid reflux problems. Not having a juicer I liquidize the sliced root with double the weight in water, strain it through a coarse sieve and then a tea strainer and store it in a glass bottle in the fridge. My husband, who is 80 years old, has suffered from a hiatus hernia and acid reflux for at least 30 years and been on many medications, 2 gastroscopies and the past 4 years on a very expensive once daily drug, Topzole (the generic of Omez – gastric proton pump). This medication helped but he still relied on antacids for periodic attacks.  He started taking 4 medicinal teaspoons of the ginger juice first thing in the morning a month ago and 2 weeks later having had no further episodes of reflux, stopped taking Topzole in the evening. He only once had to resort to antacids at 3am, the usual time for getting bad attacks, and now has complete confidence in the ginger cure. I regard this as a miracle and told our doctor who was most interested. Bless you. “(MF)


Assessment Program feedback

Hi Sally-Ann,

 I wanted to give you some feedback on the assessment program I signed up with you for, as well as the Strictly Come Banting Course I have just done with you.

 Here’s my list of changes and exciting news!

  1. I’m down 8 kgs and feel fantastic!
  2. Brain fog has cleared
  3. I was mildly depressed before, and had no motivation – I’m now motivated and don’t feel depressed at all. I was tired, irritable and impatient – and now I’m a better parent!
  4. I’m feeling extremely productive again like back to my normal self! Knocking off a long list of procrastination! Possibly 12+ months’ worth!
  5. I no longer need a nap in the afternoons! A huge positive change. I was napping every day for 15-60 minutes if I could.
  6. During my trip to Sydney my extended family pointed out to me for the first time in 6 years of traveling back to Sydney (14hr flight direct) that I didn’t get sick a few days after landing. I ALWAYS get sick after that flight. This trip I didn’t! Miracle!
  7. When I was back in Sydney with fresh air, cooler climate, much better quality food I was on fire!!! Like an energiser bunny! I was surviving on 6 hours sleep and full of energy. I really noticed a difference. I also lost 2.5kgs of weight in the 2.5 weeks I was there.
  8. My family was VERY interested in Banting as they saw the change in me since they last saw me in Bali in January. My diabetic Mum (as a result of low fat, skipping meals, Weight Watchers-type lifestyle) is interested in banting and my father is very keen. My sister is also going to get tested for insulin resistance.
  9. I gave hope to a good friend who has all the PCOS and Insulin resistance symptoms as I did but actually worse.
  10. My periods have become more normal. Was 2 days full-on heavy, hard to keep up with flow. Each month on Banting the number of days increased ie first month increased to 3 days, 2nd month was 4 days and 3rd month was 5 days and last period was normal 5 day normal flow!!! So this is fixed!!
  11. I have a libido! It was zilch before. Thought it was because of traumatic birth and breast feeding last child but never returned like it normally does.
  12. Husband has lost 8 kilos as well. So 16kgs between us!!
  13. My short term memory is slowly returning and getting better every day
  14. I no longer get dizzy, nor have pins and needles down my arm which both happened occasionally.
  15. No longer have skin tags.
  16. Another huge improvement was my blood results! According to the bloods I’m within normal range of insulin resistance!!! This is my biggest shock and success. I followed Strictly Come Banting for 11.5 weeks and only 1.5 weeks when the last bloods were taken. In such a short time I was better.
  17. My cholesterol and all other readings went in the right direction!


Larissa Fletcher