about-sallyI had spent most of my life sick with chronic asthma, sinusitis and panic disorder, undergoing many operations to my sinuses (13 in all), and spending 13 long years as a “victim” of panic disorder and agoraphobia. [13 must be my ‘number’ – I was even born on the 13th].  Once I regained my health, I qualified as a Nutritional Therapist and completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Nutrition, from the International Academy of Nutrition in Australia in order to help others experience the same results. Having found that food and supplements could dramatically change my life, giving me the quality of life I’d always dreamed about, I decided to study so that I could help others. My story is related in my best-selling book “Let Food Be Your Medicine” – an easy to understand guide to healthy living, which has been updated 3 times, and is about to undergo it’s 4th expanded updated edition.

In the past 18 years, I’ve been interviewed on many radio stations, television stations, spoken as a guest speaker for groups of people around the world, including specialist physicians, churches, societies and schools – bringing a message of hope through food and wise supplementation. In addition to the above, I have been quoted in magazines and newspapers around the country and abroad, and enjoy the opportunity to contribute to the health of people’s lives in this way on a regular basis. I enjoyed being the resident health writer for the Christian magazine Today for 6 years, and later Joy! Magazine for some years, and contributed for many years monthly to the South African Journal of Natural Medicine and sat on the Expert Panel.  I contribute regularly to many publications and have a newsletter that goes monthly to many thousands of people across the globe.

I was blessed to have received the Award of South Africa’s Most Influential Women in Business & Government 2009/2010 in the category of Medical, Dentistry, Health and Veterinary Services, for my contribution to health

My husband Bill (who holds a medical physiology degree) and I have presented in-depth nutrition courses together both here and around the world where invited – and we have the joy of seeing people recover from all kinds of illnesses.  I often run shorter “Introduction to Nutrition” courses around the country of around 2-4 days each, plus have a “Nuts & Bolts No Sweat online Course”.  Bill and I now facilitate 2 world-class Australian correspondence courses for the African continent for Dr Robert Buist’s International Academy of Nutrition in Sydney, Australia. For more details click here.

I have written several books (and have more coming out soon)


Sally-Ann’s Credentials

Functional Integrative Nutritional Therapist
(Post Grad Dip Clinical Nutrition, International Academy of Nutrition, Australia)

Diploma Functional Medicine, IFM, USA (2010-2012)

Graduate: Applied Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice IFM 2012

Diploma in Nutritional Supplementation, International Academy of Nutrition, Australia

Winner: SA’s Most Influential Women in Business & Government 2009/2010

Member: SAANT

Member: Institute for Functional Medicine, USA

Member: Blackford Centre for Nutrition, UK

Certified Lifewave Healthcare Practitioner www.lifewavesa.com