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Having suffered from life-threatening asthma, serious sinus complications (including many sinus operations), panic disorder and ulcers for decades, I was fortunate to come across a nutritionally orientated medical doctor, Dr Robbie Simons, who through diet and wise supplementation led me back to health.

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Study Nutrition from Home – 2 superb Australian courses available now – ideal for health store owners, pharmacists, doctors, and mums who want to bring up their children and families in a healthy way.  One is a 6-12 week course (International Diploma in Nutritional Supplementation) covering everything from medical conditions to herbs, vitamins and minerals, diets etc.  The other longer one (International Graduate Diploma in Clinical Nutrition) is a full nutrition course.

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CW has struggled with her weight and numerous serious problems for a long time – so she attended one of the LCHF breakfasts I did recently, and then came to see me privately. Today she reported her insulin has dropped from nearly 22 to under 10, and her blood sugar is dramatically down (serious pre-diabetic state) – plus she’s lost 6kg – all in just a couple of weeks on LCHF. I’m so proud of her!

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